Up and running in 24 hours.
Pickup in 24 hours.
Payment in 24 hours.

Bolke Recycling is a Visual Pak company located in Waukegan, Illinois. We operate six days a week: Monday through Saturday, day and night.

Through our strong relationships within the recycling community, we're able to obtain top dollar for your company's waste. We built our business on trusted relationships and we'd like to build one with you.

What you can expect when you choose Bolke Recyling

  • Setup within 24 hours
  • Next-day pickup
  • Payment 1 day after pickup
  • Expert dedicated service representative
  • Customized needs-based recycling
  • Onsite recycling equipment FREE
*If for any reason your recyclables are not picked up within 24 hours, Bolke Recycling will pay you a 2% bonus on your next pickup.

Recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator.

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