Be Green.

At Bolke Recycling, we're proud to deliver our clients the most innovative service offerings in the industry. From the ability to get corporate recycling programs up and running in just 24 hours, to next-day pick up, to next-day hand delivery of checks for recyclable pick-ups, everything we do revolves around making it easy and cost-effective for our clients to go green.

Going green really does pay off. The environment benefits. Your bottom line will look healthier. And your customers will appreciate your efforts at recycling our earth's valuable resources. Our Certificate Program shows customers that you're serious about reducing the environmental impact of your company's waste. We'll even provide the necessary recycling equipment you may need at NO COST.

Bolke Recycling serves all of northeastern Illinois and southeast Wisconsin. To learn more, please call one of our expert recycling representatives at 847.275.4230, 847.775.4784, or email us at

The energy saved by recycling 1 bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes.

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